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What are Light Requests and how do they work?

Last Updated: Aug 13, 2019 04:17PM JST

What are Light Requests?

Light Requests allow you to make small translation requests.

Character Limits:
  • For Japanese, Chinese (both simplified and traditional), and Korean: 240 characters
  • For other languages: 720 characters
  • A single Light Request costs 300 JPY ($3)*.
  • If your request exceeds the character limit, you can break it up into multiple Light Requests.
  • Your translation fee will be refunded if no translators submit translations, which can happen if the vocabulary is specialized or you are requesting a less popular language pair.
  • By default, all Light Requests are publicly viewable. However, if you subscribe to our Private Light Requests plan, you can set them to private. The cost is 1,500 yen ($15)* per month.
* Excludes consumption tax.

How do I make a Light Request?

Follow these four simple steps to make a Light Request:
  1. Click "New Request" that is on the top right of the page
  2. On the "New Request" page, click "Light Request"
  3. Add original text
  4. Select language pair
  5. Select the original language ("Translate from") and the target language ("Translate to")
  6. Click "Submit"
  7. Confirm your balance and click "Checkout" to pay

How do I reject a translation and what happens when I do?

If you receive a Light Request translation and it doesn't meet your standards, you can reject it as follows.
  1. Once you get a translation, check the results in the detail page for Light Requests.
  2. Above the comment section of the translation, the "Decline This Translation" link is shown when you hover your mouse over it. Click to reject.
  3. A notice will come up, and you must select a reason for rejecting the translation.
  4. Click the "Send Rejection" button once you have entered a sufficient explanation.
  5. The translator will receive an email notifying them that their translation has been rejected.
  6. Your request will be listed again until it either two translation submissions are received or its deadline expires.

How do I manage my subscription for the Private Light Requests plan?

You can subscribe as follows:
  1. Log in to your Conyac dashboard
  2. Access the 'Price Plan' page
  3. Click 'Private Light Request Plan' in the middle of the page.
  4. Click the 'PayPal' button to proceed. 
  5. You will be charged 1,500 yen ($15) per month (excluding tax)
  6. Once subscribed, you will be able to select to keep future Standard Request translations private.
When using coupons:
  1. After PayPal confirms your payment, the coupon credit will be sent to your account.
  2. For the monthly plan (private Light Request plan), the coupon credit will be sent to your account on the same day of your last purchase.
  3. If you don't use all the coupon credit in a month, the rest of the coupon credit will be saved for the next month.
  4. Note that the coupon credit will expire after 6 months from the day of your purchase.

How do I add a translator to my Translators List from a Light Request page?

You can add the translator to a list you have already made or create a new one as follows.
  1. Click the title of a finished Light Request.
  2. Find the translator you would like to add.
  3. Click "Add translator to a list."

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