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How do payments on work on Conyac?

Last Updated: Aug 09, 2019 02:37PM JST

Releasing Payment for Completed Jobs

Before releasing the payment for any work, the tasks all need to be approved as follows.

  1. From the Tasks list, click the number in blue above the “Submitted” category, then the title of the task you would like to review.
  2. Select “Review” on the new page.
  3. After reviewing all the segments, click “Approve.”

Credit Card Payments

  • Conyac uses PayPal as its credit card payment processor.
  • If you do not have a PayPal account yet, please visit and create a new personal account.
  • After registering your new account, you will be able to pay through it when using Conyac.

Milestone Payments

Milestone Payments enable you to split your payments for a project depending on the freelancer's work progress. This can be convenient if you have a large or long term project. If a freelancer asks for a Milestone Payment, you will be able to review their request and then decide to accept (releasing the funds) or decline.

Hiring Specific Freelancers

When you hire a specific freelancer for a project, the service fee will be 1.5 times the standard Conyac Market fee. This means, if the contract price is under 1,000USD, the service fee will be 15%

For a 100USD project: Job Fee 100USD + User Fee 15USD (not including tax)
* Note that we charge consumption tax for the user fee.

Using Campaign/Coupon Codes

1. Initiate a new job and set the conditions. 
2. On the payment page, click “Have a campaign code?” and enter your code in the text box.

Obtaining Receipts

Follow the steps below to issue a receipt for completed jobs.
  1. Select "Order History" from the menu on the upper left of the homepage.
  2. Click "Pay as you go" when you found the payment you want to get a receipt for.
  3. After the request has been completed, a new Receipt button will show up. Click it to issue a receipt.


Refunds are only available for cases where a specific job has not been completed. If you feel a refund is due, please contact us via

Minimum payment and processing fees for refunds under these circumstances are outlined below.
  • Refunds to Domestic (Japanese) Banks: Minimum of refund amount ¥1000; transaction fee ¥540. For refunds to Japanese banks in other currencies, transactions will be made in Japanese yen based on the exchange rate on the transaction date.
  • Refunds to Overseas (non-Japanese) Banks: Minimum of refund amount ¥6,000 ($60), Transaction fee ¥5,000 ($50).

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