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How do I leave feedback for freelancers after a job is completed?

Last Updated: Aug 09, 2019 01:47PM JST

Public Feedback

Once you have accepted a freelancer's completed work, you will be able to post feedback. To do so, click the "Send Feedback" button and select a satisfaction rating for each section. You can also write comments and suggestions.

Please be aware that your feedback will be publicly viewable. Furthermore, future prospective freelancers will check the feedback that you left for past freelancers when judging whether or not they want to work with you. Thus, we strongly recommend that you keep the tone of your feedback professional so that it reflects well on you and gives a good impression.

Note that freelancers can also leave feedback for clients. If a freelancer leaves feedback about you, you will receive a notification and be able to see it. Of course, the feedback you receive from freelancers will strongly influence future prospective freelancers' impressions of your professionalism and fairness as a client.

Private Feedback

In addition to publicly viewable feedback. Both the client and freelancer are prompted to leave private feedback. This will only be visible to the Conyac operations team.

Communication with Freelancers

  • If you would like to communicate with a freelancer whom you have hired, please use the 'Add Comment' button on the activity section of your request page.
  • After communicating with the freelancer, you can also send feedback to them by clicking the '+Add Feedback' button and filling out the feedback form.
  • ​Note that if there are no messages exchanged between you and the freelancer, then when it comes time for you to leave feedback, there won't be any 'Communication' category available.

"Feedback" vs. "Ended" Status

'Feedback' is a period of status in which requesters can make comments about a completed job, while 'Ended' means a request has been completed and the feedback period has finished.

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